Adidas Pop-Grip: Adidas Pop-GripBeach

Adidas Pop-Grip: Adidas Pop-GripBeach

  • $10.85

High Quality Pop-Grip designed only for you 

- 100% brand new and high quality
- Made from premium materials.
- It is multi-purpose mobile scaffold, folding, lift, bend, applicable to all mobile phone.
- Fashionable and attractive designs for your cell phone.
- The back glue is reusable,leaving without glue.
- It is more convenient and wonderful to use two Holder.
- You can grip your phone no matter where you are and what you are doing.
- Pull the holder on one side gently, tear the adhesive film under the base, then you can attach your phone on

Note: The Design is exactly the one you choose, matte finishing


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